The Army Behind Me

I've been busy working on LEVEL WITH ME, posting a chapter at a time to Wattpad, and I'm excited how it's doing and that I'm nearly done with it. But that aside, I've actually been feeling a little blue. And it's not because of the weather.. I got a rejection letter that cut super deep, stinging beyond … Continue reading The Army Behind Me


Like a Blind Date

Let's revisit how I feel about querying, shall we? Remember I said it's like trying to date the Quarterback? Well, it's also like going on a one-sided blind date. Which is super awkward for the person who's going into the date blind. Sam Hunt has a song right now that I LOVE so much. It's titled … Continue reading Like a Blind Date

3 Tips from a Writing Retreat Survivor

I recently attended a writing retreat, hosted by iWriteNetwork, and it was absolutely divine. The food, the company, the work ethic, the conversation, the motivation, and the support made this one of the best retreats I've attended. And I've gone to my fair share. I've even hosted a few myself.  They're the extrovert's dream. But if you're … Continue reading 3 Tips from a Writing Retreat Survivor