The Blurb

UPDATE: April 17, 2013.  This is no longer my blurb at all. But I won't delete the post just because my first version of my blurb doesn't work.  Oh no, we'll let it ride the internet wave forever, I guess.The Blurb.  Also known as the "Book's Description" or "Book Summary" can be found on the back of the book's jacket or … Continue reading The Blurb

101 Thousand Plus Words Later

If I were the "let's-get-sloshed-I'm-so-happy" kind, I'd be buying rounds for everyone.Today, September 14th, 2012,I finished my first draft manuscript.It's painfully raw, and needs so much polishing and editing. But it's done.I know I want to rewrite the beginning.  And I know just where to start.I know I want to add a small scene in … Continue reading 101 Thousand Plus Words Later