So you clicked on this link and want to know ALL ABOUT ME? Seriously? Hold on. I’m blinking to make sure you’re still there.

You’re still here? LUCKY ME! Okay! Yippeee!

And since the following cliche works, we’ll just go with it: A picture {or a few}, to spare you reading a thousand words.

I know. The curls. The dimples. I’m the cutest 3 year old Olan Mills ever took a photo of. {In truth, I did win a baby photo contest but in order to be the front cover, my parents had to subscribe to the magazine, and back in the early 70’s, they just couldn’t afford it.}


But just so you don’t think I was always so adorable….I was like every other seventh grader. STOP LAUGHING! I know how I look! I owned a Hypercolor shirt. (If you don’t know how these shirts work, revert to Google. Let’s just say I was HOT back then!) Oh yes. The equivalent of COOL. Right there, baby. I’m sure of it. The glasses, the braces, the photobombing earring… The only thing going for me in this photo is my dimples are still awesome, and my skin was pretty decent that day. Oh, and maybe my eyelashes.

As I child I had hobbies. I drew a lot of rainbows, but I really excelled when it came to unicorns.  See what I mean!  ♥ Please note how awesome STARLAND is!

At this point, you might be thinking I went to a lot of work for this page, but really what you should know is that my mom hangs on to this kind of stuff and makes me scan it all so it’s not lost.

Okay, just one more, so you get a sense of how much I love my dad.

Okay, here I am again….looking a little better…. This is my first PASSPORT photo. No joke. Teeth turned out great, though. And I regret cutting my hair. Little did I know, it would take nearly 20 years for to grow back. It basically STOPPED growing and when I was diagnosed with Cornea Erosion in 2013, and was put on a strict diet of Omega 3 for my eyes… and while my eyes have improved, it’s my hair that’s benefited the most!


See how I’m already fearless of the cows? Here I am with those cute curls again, and HELLO! how awesome is my dad? He really knows his dairy animals, raises some of the best ones. Don’t mind my little brother who just about showed off his crack.




So at 12 or 13, I wasn’t totally into ruffles. I admit, I’ve come around to them. But what hasn’t changed is my deep love for talking. Out loud, to whoever will listen, whenever. I’ve never been afraid of a stage or a crowd. Throughout my college days I sang the National Anthem for all kinds of things and even for the Idaho Falls Braves (Now the Chuckers) and the BYU’s Men’s Volleyball team. At that game I was asked to sing the Canadian anthem as well. (I totally know it. My mom is from Calgary.) I like parties and people. I’ve been in a few musicals, done plenty of singing in small singing groups, and held jobs that were all about teaching others how to have courage and ‘break the ice’. (Team Teton Mountain Student Leadership Institute! which no longer exists, but still.) I was the mascot my senior year and still love a stage.

2012. (Notice the quality of photos has improved too.) Still do the farming stuff when I can. (That would be my youngest, at three, TOTALLY afraid of cows. You have to know how this pains me, since at three I was holding trophies just 6 inches from the rear end of a full grown one. BTW, this is a Holstein calf. She’s red and white, because not all Holsteins are B and W, and we love reds. LOVE, LOVE, LURVE them. The “earring” has her Sire and Dam on it, and when she’s about one, we’ll register her and she’ll get a name. I adore the moment when I get to name an cow or horse or a character. SO. MUCH. FUN! Real, live human babies? Much harder.)

Me, still with short hair at a Jazz game in 2012….but still hanging on to those cute dimples and the teeth are still there…. So that’s good. Also, I’m hanging onto Kyle. My best friend, sweetheart, and father of our four halflings.

(Yes, I am a LOTR fan. Have been since the cartoon version of the Hobbit on TV.)

Okay. Let’s wrap up this ABOUT GINA stuff. I know you can’t quite see it, but look at how long my hair is! Squeeee! (Snapshot taken May 10, 2014.)
Let see. What else do you want to know? I’m ridiculously happy and blessed. I love being a HOBBYIST. Because that’s really what I am. I like to have a hobby, and when I have one, it’s the only thing I do in my spare time… and I want others to find joy in life and wish everyone the best. I truly do want world peace. Except when it comes to my villains. When I write a villain, I usually just want to beat them over the head.
Other than that,  I want everyone to find their Happily Ever After


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