How 2018 Ended

My goodness! Back in 2018ish, I neglect my neglected blog for a while and then when I was ready to write something fun and exciting, I found myself logged out and couldn’t get back in and after generating a new password and reseting my compter and trying a differet browser, etc. etc., it still refused me. Frustrated, I decided to quit for the day.

Then two months went by, which turned into four, and then NaNoWriMo hit and then Christmas, and when I decided I really wanted to write on here again, I went through the same damn process of being unable to get into my account. Frustrated, I decided to quit for the day.

Then two months went by, and I picked up a new hobby and now it’s March and I’m over here thinking, I’d like to write on my blog again. So I try to log in for a third time.

Third times a charm, they say. And now that I’m in, all those wonderful things I wanted to share regarding my writing world are specks of dust, blowing in the wind.

So, I’ll try to recap things, but the stories behind them are no longer as vivid, except the last one.

  1. I retired as the Idaho Falls NaNoWriMo liaison, Dec. 1st, 2018. It was a wonderful four year stint and I gave it everything I had.
  2. We had the worst Christmas ever. Nine out of the 20 of us woke up Christmas morning violently ill. At one point, I had one child vomiting into the toilet and one puking in the sink. It wasn’t pretty, and I was exhausted.Kyle and I were fortunate enough not to get sick, and ended up taking care of our three daughters, my sister, and my dad, specifically. The other sickies were cared for by other family members. Though my mom wasn’t hit with the bug, she had surgery on her foot, so she was down for the count, too. I tossed ALL of the Christmas Eve dinner that was also supposd to be leftovers, and the veggie trays and special dishes. All of it, gone. Then we went after fresh groceries, picking up what I needed to make homemade chicken noodle soup and rolls, which I made from scratch.

    In the end, everyone recovered within about 24-48 hours, but good hell, that was awful. I don’t like to think about how many times I had to clean the toilets or the loads of laundry involved. I feel blessed that God spared me and that I was able to care for everyone. My Dad cried as he hugged me later that night, so grateful that I had been there to take care of everything. My sister-in-law called me the family VIP that day. Those two things were the greatest Christmas gifts this year.

  3. Somewhere between the Christmas UpChuck of 2018 and New Years, I decided 2019 would be the year to put Son of Psyche out there. And I mean really OUT THERE. After receiving two loving rejections from two agents who requested and read the full in 2018, I bawled my eyes out and then pulled myself together. I set a goal to send 100 Queries out in 365 Days. Those two rejections were so hard, but also so hopeful. I managed to not die on the inside and with a fresh start to the new year, I committed to trying again.
  4. Which inadverntly led to me ordering a hard copy of SoP through Kindle Direct. I decided I would like to read my own work, so I set aside my writer/editor hat and put on my reading hat. And boy, let me tell you! It was an amazing experience to fall in love with my story again, while simultaneously spotting small flaws.  I have no idea if this tweet is legit, and I’m so tired I can’t bring myself to research it out, but BOY IF THIS ISN’T THE GOSPEL TRUTH:Related image
    Nothing horrific, except that one part where I put the wrong characters name and it made the whole page and half confusing. Still!Finding it impossible to put the editor away, I allowed myself to make notes as I went. But I kept reading. Twelve stacks of mini-post it notes later, I had a beautiful story that needed some small tweaking. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I LOVED my work. I took a deep breath, and opened up my laptop and once again, made corrections to SoP. SO MANY EDITS for this story.


  5. See what a whole novel looks like with a million post it notes in it HERE.
  6. We celebrated 18 years of marriage on March 10th! And up until that, we’ve never needed a fire extinguisher. Kyle was outside smoking some steaks and making Cast Iron potatoes and the propane tank caught on fire. It apparently had a leak. Thankflly, we acted fast and had clear minds as to what we should do. A neighbor  who works with propane for a living, came over to assess the damage and gave us a new propane tank, a new hose, and a bright red fire extinguisher and said, “Happy 18th.” AND DINNER WASN’T BURNED and it was so good and it was a very memorable way to spend our anniversary.

And that’s it for today. Facebook was down for hours, and frustrated for the day … I practiced henna art instead of quitting for the day.



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