One J2 Sandwhich Coming Right Up

So, it happened. Remember the deal Lisa made me? I finish drafting SON OF PSYCHE and she’d pay for a J2 Photo Op at the Las Vegas SUPERNATURAL CONVENTION? Well, I did my part, (Finished it Decemeber 31, 2017) and so did she. (We hit the Con in Feb. 2018.) And in this post, I’m gonna show you my that grand prize photo and tell you what happened. So, grab the popcorn.

j2 sandwhich travel

It was the craziest thing I’ve ever witnessed, regarding a TV show. The Con was INTENSE CRAZY. Hundreds of people, long lines, panels, giveaways, and laughter. Miles away from food and water, it seemed. But we were living off our snacks and enjoying ourselves to the max. And for the most part, I shared all the photos and videos I took on Facebook, as it happened. HERE.


I’m overdue in sharing my hard-earned prize Lisa gifted me, and for that there are reasons, but I make no apology. I teased with cropped images and then never shared the fulls. Again, for reasons. But, remember these?

Now, as I share the story and the full images, I hope you all smile when you see them. I do. Every time. And if you skip the story and drop down to the images, you’re kinda lame. But fine. Whatever. You’re like Jared. (To get that, you’ll have to read the story!)

The J2 Sandwich Photo Op.

The hard rock tunes they blast are so loud you can barely hear yourself speak. The lines are long. The carpet is ugly. The fans are varied–from age to style. But the air conditioning is working and everyone’s excited. For an emotional vampire like me, I’m feasting on the energy and loving the melting pot before me. I’m not tired or bored at all! People around me probably wanted to kill me like I was a demon.

ANYWAY! AND THE SPEED AT WHICH THE PHOTOS ARE BEING TAKEN? Maybe 8-10 seconds. IT’S FAST. And the way it’s set up, you can’t really see they boys. They’ve got it all curtained off.

J2 sandwich carpet

This is actually a line for Jared’s autograph, but see the carpet! Talk about headache inducing!

I took a step stool with me because at 5’2 I didn’t want to look stupid next to Jared who is 6’4 and Jensen who is 6’1. It’s not super pretty, but here it is. It’ll add 9 inches to my height, and also, there’s my ticket!

j2 sandwhich stool

When it was my turn, my heart starts pounding and my cheeks began to ache from the perma-grin on my face. I have seconds to nail this photo. SECONDS! Time to maybe say one thing, like, “I just want happy smiles” or “Can you hold these?” (Some people bring props.) Or, “Squishy hug!”

So, naturally, instead of offering up any kind of one-liner instruction, I take those few precious seconds to put down my step stool. The purple backdrop is in my peripheral as I glanced up at their gorgeous faces, and then to my shock, they both put a foot on the stool and rise up and hug each other, smiling like devils. I remember thinking–YOU’RE GONNA BREAK MY STEP STOOL! OH! THEY’RE SO CUTE!

Honestly, these two men are solid. They’re probably 200 pounds each. Wal-mart plastic and 400 pounds? I freaked on the inside, put my hands on their chests–oh yes!–and pushed them off. It happens so fast, I don’t even get to enjoy the feel of them. And it’s not like I actually  move them. I’m strong, but I’m not that strong, and I have no idea what I say out loud.

“That’s for me, you dorks.”     ????????????
You’re gonna break it!”   ???
“You guyyyyysss!”     ????


But they laugh and step down, and I step up, and we’re all smiles as I wrap my arms around their necks and pull them in for a happy, we’re-best-friends photo. Except.

That’s when I distinctly recall Jared saying **IN MY EAR…**

“Well if you’re gonna be tall, I’ll be short.”

Y’all! Brace yourself for what comes next.

My hand is in his hair–oh man, it’s so soft. SEE THIS?

j2 sandwich teaser

His head is sliding down my body until his cheek is resting against my boob. My whole body flushes with heat for more than one reason. I think my eyes go round, I can’t feel Jensen–who I think is clueless as to what Jared is doing, and the cameraman DOES NOT say 1, 2, 3, Cheese! But I swear I hear a click over the musical roar.

And just like that– Lisa’s glorious, expensive gift to me for all my hard work is both awesome and ruined. I remember thinking a beat after that click, “You’re ruining my picture!” and “What are you doing!” and “These guys cannot be controlled!” and “I can’t feel Jensen!”

The next thing I know, Jared stands up tall, their bodies press against mine, and their cologne is magnificent. Their faces are next to mine. AND AGAIN, THE CAMERAMAN DOESN’T SAY A THING! But I swear I hear another click. And then, they let go of me. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dazed, I step down. I pick up the stool, and it collapses flat once more. Because I’m …. well, I’m dazed and high, I turn to Jared and say, “Do you want to keep it?” Because that’s a brilliant thing to say. He flashes me a toothy smile and says, “What do I need that for?” and we laugh, and I walk out.

I can’t feel my face or my legs. I think they took two photos. There were two clicks. I think. I’m confused. I know I only get one photo. I definitely had ugly, panic face in that first one, but I’m also pretty sure I didn’t correct my expression in time for the second.

And when it hits me, when the walls come crashing down, I realize my photos are probably going to be HORRIBLE! That my neon-sign face didn’t glow with joy, but shock and panic and pure what-the-hell-is-going-on.

It’s takes a lifetime to get my prints.

And when I behold them for the first time, I fight off tears.

Because they are beautiful. SO. BEAUTIFUL. I honestly have very few photos of myself where I think I look stunning. We’re glowing. It’s like we color matched our outfits. We are totally cool and sophisticated and awesome.

What do you think?

J2 Sandwich2

J2 Sandwich3

These gems hang in my office and make me smile every time I look at them. I have their autographs, which yes, that needs its own blog post because that story is also awesome! But these pics and the autographs, and the string art make my office a special place!

Thank you, Lisa. Thank you for believing in my writing, thank you for pushing me. Thank you for making me a part of the SPN family, and your family. Thank you for the sandwich gift. I’ll love it forever. I can’t wait to someday have my grandbabies looking at it, going–what the hell is going on here?! GRANDMA??????!?!!!! Hahahaha

And for your viewing pleasure, the outtake that the cameraman gave me too. WHICH IS THE SAME, BUT HILARIOUS.

J2 Sandwich1



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  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! I’m so glad you blogged about it and shared the pictures. It was an epic trip, and I’m so glad we are friends!

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