The Final Countdown, Again.

This isn’t my first rodeo–Storymakers 2015–but every day it draws closer, I swear my stomach can’t decide if it’s upset or starving, and my chest tightens when I think about it for too long.

And now, I’ve got roughly 14 hours to be ready and on the road.

I’m in the thick of preparations, as are all my friends who are going, and I’m sure the conference committee is swamped, too.

Even so, I’m excited to spend a few days away, {No house building talk, no laundry or dishes, no sack lunches to make, no dashing to the store for an Idaho History project, etc. In light of this, I am missing out on a few fun things–my son’s talent show performance, his Idaho History Program, and my daughter’s audition for Peter Pan, but I knew I’d miss out on SOMETHING. Because there’s always something.}  A few days away to talk about all things writerly, with writers and authors who I love, admire, envy, and don’t even know yet–SOUNDS SUPERB!

On the agenda: Leaving Idaho Falls in the early morning hours to get to Provo, spending hours with Publication Primer teammates for critique work, checking into the hotel, going chocolate tasting, attending a dance, two full days of classes, volunteering as a Timekeeper for the committee with pitch sessions, shepherding around 5 newbies, renewing friendships, staying up late, spending dinner with Suzie Townsend, pitching to Lizzie Poteet, watching the cool kids go to the Gala, having to say goodbye to friends who’ll leave Friday, spending Saturday night laughing and staying up late again, and then finally packing up and coming home.

That’s just the big stuff. All the fun details, all the conversations, and all the warm hugs and smiles, not to mention selfies fill in every minute in between.

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