This was posted on the LDStorymakers Conferences Facebook page, less than a month ago:

Would you like to spend the dinner and keynote address seated with . . . Suzie Townsend? Or Jen Rofe? Or Lizzie Poteet? Or Mark Gottlieb? What’s that you say? YES? Then let’s try to make that happen.

Welcome to the BFFD (Best Friends for Dinner) giveaway!!!

It’s simple. Did you talk someone into coming to the conference? I did. Like, five people, actually. Because I’m bossy. But anyway, if you talked someone into registering for the conference or talk someone into registering for the conference by next Friday, April 17, have that person tag you in the comment trail. They just need to say “So and so convinced me to register.” If someone talked you into registering, tag them and say “So and so convinced me to register.” And that’s it. You’re BOTH entered.

►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►► For what it’s worth, I’ve talked to several people about coming to the conference, and FOUR registered and tagged me in the contest.

Yesterday, this was posted on the same page:

Welllllllllll….karma strikes again. I like it when it’s on our side. The first winner of the Best Friends for Dinner contest is Gina Pack Larsen, which seems about right. has your back, Gina. PM me with agent you’d like to sit down to dinner with and we’ll make it happen. If any of the rest of you would like to win dinner with an agent, check the pinned post at the top of the page. It’s easy, and we’d love to have you. Congratulations, Gina!


Needless to say, I couldn’t be more excited/thrilled/nervous! I can’t quite put a finger on my emotions, because I talked four friends into coming. FOUR. And I only get to choose ONE to join me for dinner with the agent of my choice.

As the first winner, I get free range– any one of them.

This didn’t take more than twenty minutes to decide. I’m already pitching to Lizzie Poteet, so I took a deep breath and went with Suzie Townsend.

*Stomach knots up*

I wish my non-writing friends understood the magnitude of this experience, but they just smile and nodd at me like I just told them I was going to dinner with their mother. Meh. I love my friends, and I forgive them for not squealing.

Thankfully, my writerly friends DO get it, and the shouts of delight haven’t stopped. I’ve had so much love and support. Phone calls, PM on FB, texts, and comments on the thread started pouring in minutes after the announcement. My phone rang and buzzed at me non-stop, and I was in permagrin mode for th rest of the day.

Still am, actually.

The hard part, now, is picking one of my four referrals to join me for dinner.

It’s like the Reaping, except I’m not Effie, and death isn’t on the line.

I didn’t sleep well, worried the three who don’t get to come to dinner with me will be crushed. They’re all awesome; I’d like to take all four, but I can’t, and I’m cool with that. They are, too. But it doesn’t make the decision any easier.

Heaven help me. I’m seriously going to have to pray about this one.

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