For Someone Who Writes About Cupid, I Sure Skipped The Month of Love

But I have a very valid reason. Two days after my last post–a little family topsy-turvy hit.

After six years of trying and four different realtors, we finally SOLD OUR HOUSE!

This is huge. But wait! It gets messier. As if that news wasn’t enough to explain my bloggin’ absence, the buyers were coming to the table with cash. The hard, cold stuff.

And cash is king. Just ask Dave Ramsey. (Are you a fan? I am.)

We were informed that things would move about twice as fast as normal, meaning we’d probably have two weeks to be out, instead of four. No problem. I’m super mom/wife and I’ve got this.

However, next thing I know, we have to be out by Feb. 7th. That’s seven days, people. A week!

Packing up ten years of our lives in that short of time seemed impossible, but I believe in miracles–have you seen a preemie baby these days? Miracles, I tell ya! Miracles!–and we got to work by finding boxes and bubble wrap. Many hands makes light work, the saying goes and as a thirty something year old mother of four, I champion that phrase. Even when it comes to writing. {Little shout out to a few people who kept my writing alive to a degree throughout the month of February– I love you, members of Team Gina support group. You know who you are! and for those of you who are reading this, I did not title the group after myself, that was a member’s doing. Honest.}

Miraculously, we found an apartment to rent in our school boundaries, which was also huge, so I didn’t have to drive the halfings to and from school.  Which really matters–I have a kindergartner. Three trips a day to the school isn’t on my top ten list of things to do with my stay-at-home-momness. Yunno?

So, with the help of good friends left and right, we loaded everything into two enclosed trailers and were ready to go. Except, then our apartment wasn’t.

The current tenants trashed the place on their way out, and the management had to do extensive work–including all new carpet–to make it habitable. The carpet was delayed over President’s Weekend and we bunked up at with parents (So glad they live in town!) It was exactly two weeks later, on Feb. 21st, that we were able to move into the apartment. Never mind they were still laying carpet as we began to bring the boxes in. Then the unpacking frenzy began, because I had a shindig coming up and I had to get things pulled together.

Most everything is still packed away, stored in the garage or under the stairs inside, and we’re making due without many of our regular items, like a rolling pin.

In the process, we began officially drawing up floor plans for our new home, and considering builders. We have purchase a lot and are waiting on permits to dig!

On top of it all, I was supposed to be hosting a writing retreat Feb 20th-21st. Thankfully, everyone was understanding and available to attend the following weekend. Many laughs were had in between writing sessions and I was really happy with my personal progress on my writing projects. I added two new writers to the mix, along with some seasoned ones, and the combination was refreshing and rejuvenating. Nothing like getting the writing muses and mojo going again.

It was a more replenishing than a trip to the spa, I swear, after the hectic weeks of moving. The idea of hosting a retreat in my future home has me bubbling up like crazy–Oh! NaNoWriMo all-night write at my place!

I am looking forward to the upcoming months of change. I like change, especially for the better. I struggled with it for a long time when it came to editing, but I’m much more flexible and eager to consider changes in my writing than I used to be. I’m careful not to fall in love with my words, sentences, and phrases to quickly, which for this heart-on-my-sleeve gal, is a feat.

But those changes, the big ones and the small ones, make the tapestry of our lives richer.

Sure, not all changes are happy, healthy ones, but I believe there is strength in the soul who handles any change with grace.

What changes have you faced lately?

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