Did You Survive?

Wait for it….Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt on November 30th.

I survived November! I survived NaNoWriMo! I surivived Beauty and the Beast! I survived Thanksgiving! And most importanly, I survived dinner time every night of the month! {Not that I’m saying we didn’t resort to cold cereal on more than one occasion.} I SURVIVED!

I consider it an all-time, award-winning month for me.

                  “Thanks, Mom, for keeping our family together. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

I’m sure that’s exactly how my kids feel.

I’m thrilled to say I made it to just a little over 65K words. And in the span of those precious nouns and verbs, I managed to write my first-ever short story.  Well, the first chapter of said story. THE VOTE was the result of a little Christmas gift for a friend. You can find the chapter HERE. Author Delsheree Gladden (click on her cute name to see what good stuff she has!) was so good to help me get set on Wattpad,including helping me create a cover. This isn’t the one I went with, but I did make it.
The Vote

Currently, I write third person, past tense, new adult urban fantasy.
The Vote is {my first attempt at} first person, present tense, young adult contemporary romance.

So, there’s that. If you read it, I would be tickled pink to have your thoughts!

Now, for your visual entertainment, may I present your dinner! Just kidding. Enjoy some Beauty and the Beast musical photos, though, will you?

Beauty and the Beast (7)

Two of my nuggets, as a spoon and fork for Be Our Guest.

Beauty and the Beast (8)

Me, as a Cake Platter, with my Teacup.

Beauty and the Beast (17)

Stage Make-up Faces are so gorgeous, no?

Beauty and the Beast (36)

The Tea Towel nugget.

Beauty and the Beast (83)

An after show shot with the Enchanted Couple. Getting a shot with them was like being at Disneyland. Long wait.

Beauty and the Beast (89)

Last night of the show. We may not look tired, but trust me, we were dead on our feet.

The musical ended up being a very strenuous activity, and needless to say, as much as we LOVEDITTODEATH, it’s dead. That part of me that does musicals, is dead. I’m not sure we’ll be performing in any local productions any time soon. I think we’ll enjoy the show from a front row seat perspective for a while. WHAT I’M REALLY SAYING: If I so much as sneeze a thought that sounds like a musical, STOP ME. As a friend, do not let me do it. Friends don’t let friends drain themselves on Musicals.

Thanksgiving hit us and we enjoyed it with DearestHusband’s family and on Black Friday, I sent my first query ever. Saturday morning I sent another. My goal was to get a few more out this week, and since the week isn’t over yet, I’ll have to let you know how that goes.

On the last day of November, I wrote and wrote–not that I needed the words, but because I had friends who did–and then crawled into bed, thinking, “Hello, Demcember. It’s sooooo good to see you.”

I woke up, and I swear, I was like this:

“Ohhhh! December!”

As a family, we’re aiming to feel the Spirit of the Season through some of the fabulous activities the community has planned and through some of our own efforts. {So excited to be organizing a night of caroling for one of our local retirement homes.} So excited to go see all the Nativities on display. Excited to teach the nuggets how to make some of our favorite Christmas treats, again.

I refuse to let them believe that Christmas is only about Santa, presents, and shopping. I will not allow them to ever write Xmas–because I will not remove Christ from the story. To kicked off the month, we started with the tender message below. I invite you to watch it and share it with your loved ones. As the December days fly by, please know that my heart is full of gratitude for you–for taking time to read this post even. For my friends–who I lean on for grammar help and conversation beyond grade school math. For my family–for the innumerable acts of kindness and love they show me. And for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “Did You Survive?

  1. I love how you managed to put all the craziness into your actual LIFE! This read like a Year’s End review for most families. You guys are beautiful dishware, too. Congrats on your 65,000! It’s 45,000 more than I got!


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