My Encouragement Letter to 2014’s NaNo Writers {Especially those in my circle}

{Just picture Erin singing this while I stare at my laptop, hands on my cheeks. I sigh. Cue music–the tune of GASTON, from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.}
Gosh it disturbs me to see you this way…Looking so down in the dumps.

Everybody in NaNo’s inspired by you, even jealous of all your word counts.

No writer’s in town half as admired as you, you’re everyone’s favorite gal.

Take into account all your fabulous verbs and notvery hard to see why…

No one slick as Gina.

No one’s quick as Gina.

No one’s book’s as incredibly thick as Gina’s.

For there’s no gal in town half as speedy! Perfect! A pure a paragon.

You can ask any Josh, Dan, or Amber, and they’ll tell you who’s ship they prefer to be on…

She’s got Kindle and Nook, and a laptop! and she hosts ev-very Sunday night’s google-y chat.

Drop the curtain.

Are you inspired yet?

Well, let me tell you something…Gaston was a bully, but I’m not. This little song isn’t an accurate description of me at all. I’m not kidding. In order to reach my goal of 50K and be in the local musical, I had to have my life in order. I made preparations in OCTOBER. If you didn’t, that’s okay. It’s not too late to make it!  But…if you want to reach your goal, you might have to sacrifice the very same thing I’ve had to let go of. SLEEP.

I’m not put together like you might think, and my NaNo project looks more like this than I care to admit:

Gaston was all the things society thinks highly of. He was determined, too, which I think was his strength, until he took it to an extreme.

Sure, you need a Gaston, aka a villain, in your story. And yes, your protagonist should be flawed, but not so far as to make me loathe him. And no matter what someone else’s accomplishments are, no matter how far ahead another writer seems to be on the path to publication, and no matter how burly or brawny the Google Chat leader is… THEY CAN NOT WRITE YOUR STORY BETTER THAN YOU. You’re the only one who knows it. You’re the only one who can tell it. Butt in the chair, fingers on the keyboard.

6 thoughts on “My Encouragement Letter to 2014’s NaNo Writers {Especially those in my circle}

  1. Grrrrrrr……… that was me growling at having to update all my information to comment. I wish I was a blogger more….. Great job! I totally saw Erin and I both singing this sing song style while ;laughing to the point of tears!


  2. Love it! Absolutely love it! The shot of the little girl from monsters Inc is exactly how I felt last night after the Google Hangout!


  3. Awesome, I love it. Very inspiring. But I have to say that some of that above is true about you. The way you write is inspiring. You have so much going and you make everything work. This is something that many should take a look at.


  4. Lol, considering I am stuck at 30k and didn’t write hardly anything last week, I appreciated this 🙂 Even though I do think you are awesome, I totally get what you’re saying. So, this is me, getting ready to buckle down and stop getting distracted so I can finish the freaking book I started what seems like forever ago now and quit torturing all my watty readers.

    Liked by 1 person

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