Fazing into Fall

I gotta tell you… August here sucked. Like a Cullen. I mean, I think Idaho Falls thought it was Forks. For a change, the weather man was right, and I hated him for it. It had to be the most annoying August I’ve ever had, as a mom, anyway. I do not know how Washington folks live like that–in the rain all.the.time.–or why! I can’t imagine living like that for months at a time. I have a new, sudden appreciation for snow, which never existed until now.

A sudden summer thunder storm? Inviting and invigorating! A sporadic day of drizzle? Kinda cool! But every day? So much so, that I can’t mow my law for ten days straight? Uggh!  At least snow doesn’t:




Nope, it’s way better.  See?

UNTIL after you come inside from playing and then it drips.

And let’s not even mention how much my kids DID NOT play outside during the month of August. I mean, we didn’t even turn get our swimming suits out. It was that bad. I actually feel sorry for our local lifeguards and Rigby Lake.

And if you got a tan in August, it was because you were on VACATION.

The only good thing that came out of August was I finished editing FOR THE LOVE and turned it into Ashley, on time I might add.  Thankfully, the rain cleared up in time for us to enjoy the fair and corn harvest, but I can’t even begin to understand how that came and went so fast. It has to be a record for our dairy farm. Usually, we’re harvesting over Conference weekend, which is always the first weekend in October. Go figure.

That said, I have a new story and this is how I’m feeling:

Ah! Sigh! Squee!

I began editing my 2013 NaNoWriMo project!  GOING TO HELL has been sleeping in Scrivener for nearly a year, and I’ve never even read it, but as I got started on it this last weekend…WHOA! is all I have to say. I’ve improved. And I’m going to take this moment to pat my back a little. I may not be to the level of some other authors, but for sure I’ve taken a step upward.

I forgot how much I love this story because I’ve been away from it for so long.

Which honestly, is such a good thing. As I flipped through the chapters, I began to remember why I wrote it and why I love it. **You’re going to love Hartman and Fallan!** I have a renewed sense of energy and drive to work on it and it’s a combination of feeling I’m gaining serious ground with the first story and working on a fresh one. Yay! Fresh songs are popping into my head for a sound track for this story and it’s encouraging to picture new faces as I write about them. {Think pre-Captain America Chris Evans and young Victoria Justice, if you must know.} I keep telling my friends that this is my ballerina-turned-stripper story, and OH! the reactions and faces I get! I love freaking people out with it. The story’s not as trippy as it sounds, once you know the story line and the song SAY SOMETHING could be this story’s opposite.


Oh!Oh!Oh! Look!!! THIS IS THEM! It’s like someone knew exactly what I needed for Hartman and Fallan!

I hosted my first writing retreat this last weekend in Island Park–which is where I started reworking GTH, and we had such a great time talking and writing, writing and talking. I got through two whole chapters, which seems a little slow for me, but it’s okay because I had such a great time talking about the craft and listening to others stories. A non-writer would have probably strangled us with our power cords, we were so absorbed in our stories and chatting about the time/dedication/drive/energy it takes to write.

If you think talking sports or babies kills the mood fast, imagine how three days of talking about editors and voice sounds. That’s right! DE-LISH-SHISS! Nom-nom-nom!


We maybe have done a little of this:

I’ll never tell.

So for now, my goal is to have GOING TO HELL ready by Nov 1 for Ashley to edit (which is a short six weeks) and then I will begin book three, IN YOUR DREAMS, as this year’s NaNo project. I’ll get FOR THE LOVE back before then, but if I can’t squeeze editing it into my schedule with these other two stories, it will have to wait until December 1st, when I finish up NaNo.

And oh! Can I just say I am so looking forward to telling Sterling’s story! *sigh* He’s been waiting for so long.

Meanwhile, I’m in two musicals. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with our local theater, and PURE REST INN, a Melodrama, by Camille Blackburn.

I anticipate having the busiest fall I’ve ever had.

And in comparison to the lame August I just went through, I’m excited for the change.

One thought on “Fazing into Fall

  1. Look at you with your super fancy awesome blog! I LOOOOVE it!! Man, I am so out of the loop! Awesome to hear about all the fun things you’ve been doing!! You know, we should hang out. 😉


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