Irons in the Fire

So it’s been weeks since I met with Ashley Argyle, my content editor, and it pains me that I haven’t blogged about it. But we have seriously had so many irons in the fire.

My car died.
Our basement was on the brink of completion and required so much of our time.
Meaning I had to PAINT. and PAINT. and PAINT.
We had a ward camp out.
Without a car, I had to bum rides to the hardware store, the carpet store, the grocery store.
We had a showing on the house.
We had a house we needed to go see.
We went car shopping.  It became a part-time job, I tell ya.
The weather sank to a chilly state, making the lawn work much more work.
I had a kid taking off for a week for camp.
I had lessons to prepare and teach for Primary.
We bought a car. Three and a half weeks without a car makes life slightly more hectic.
We had a benefit dinner to host and attend, in which I bought all the books back that I gathered up for a silent auction….. More on that later….
I have to have the house completely done up for a video showing, which we are doing today.

Irons. in. the. FIRE!

Our days are running from 9 am to midnight, and the kids are going to be roughly around 11 every night. Thank heavens they sleep in. But we’re so exhausted, even my husband slept in the other day and was late for work.

That never happens.

Like, ever.

I just keep thinking, if I can get over this house hump, and it’s all put back together and clean, and photographed and video-ed, I’ll get to my lazy summer days. Whether it’s true or not, I do not know.

But the next thing on my to do list is to make a TO DO list for what I need to start editing.


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