Not That You Care, BUT!

For a long time, my MS resembled a patchwork quilt…but one that had been sewn together with eyes shut and a cat toying with the loose squares. I’ve picked it apart very carefully now, salvaging what’s good and what’s not so hot, and am trying to make the MS resemble a heirloom blanket.

Leaving out all the emotions that are paired with my writing, this is a simple date log for FOR THE LOVE (The emotional side to my writing journey is to much to spew, to be honest and I’m not sure I can capture all those emotions in one post. Let alone ride that rollercoaster right now.) To recap, here’s where the MS has been and where it’s going:

  • I started writing on January 28, 2011. I made a list of scenes, and worked my way through them.
  • When I finished 20 months later, I waited three weeks.
  • Then I read it.
  • And cried. (Not really.)
  • And then I printed it, and took a pencil to it. A regular one. Too afraid of red ink.
  • Simultaneously I followed along with Martha Alderson’s blog in December 2012 and did Plot Write Month with her.
  • I went through the printed copy with the computer on fixing up what I had marked. Looking mostly at plot problems, POV issues.
  • I attended a my first LDStorymakers conference in 2013. And then the Utah RWA conference in October of 2013.
  • I really cracked down on my writing after that conference. I “hired” two critique partners, offering them treats when we went over each chapter.
  • On February 2, 2014 (DearSon’s birthday and Superbowl Sunday, so that added to the fun!) I hired a Developmental Editor, Ashley Argyle, at Ink Tip Editing.
  • By March 23rd, 2014, I sent the MS to a dozen beta readers.
  • I had all the feedback in by April 10th, and began going through the process of editing again.
  • April sometime: Wrote a pretty good query letter for the Publication Primer I would attend while at the LDStorymakers Conference.
  • I attended my second LDStorymakers Conference, at the end of April. This time, armored with the short and snappy answer(s) to WHAT DO YOU WRITE? (A: Stories that will make you rethink Cupid for the rest of your life. OR New Adult, Urban Fantasy)
  • Originally the MS was due to Ashley on May 1st, a deadline I gave myself. I asked for a week’s extension, because I fell behind, and she totally granted it. Whew.
  • On May 7th, 2014 I sent a physical copy to Ashley and we will meet June 10th, 2014 to go over her notes for the content edit.2014-05-07 12.48.02

Does anyone else keep a log of their writing process?

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