Marcia Lynn McClure and Me

*Important tidbit.  Found out Marcia Lynn McClure’s name is pronounced “Mar-see-ahhh”. Hard to adjust too after calling her “Mar-sha” for so long. *

JUNE 18, 2011

Where to even begin….

After reading the Hunger Games, I needed a fix, bad.  And Marcia was it. Thanks to my dear friend Camille, I have enjoyed Marcia’s stories and so have many others. Her books were a great remedy after war stories. And something to do while I recovered from wrist surgery. And since then, I have introduced MLM to my friend, Macy, who in turn introduced MLM to her sister,April. Word of mouth is a HUGE DEAL when it comes to books, you know?

My friend Serene is also a fan. And when she got an email update (Yes, she totally subscribes to those) about a Meet and Greet with MLM, she instantly forwarded it to me, who instantly forwarded it to April and Macy and then called Camille and said, “We’re going. No buts”.

And so we spent $30 a person (SO CHEAP!) for dinner and special VIP status to the ‘show’.  And it was SOOOOOO WORTH IT!

It was absolutely the best little location for such an event too! So pretty, and realistic to the time frame of so many of Marcia’s books!  And as we were pulled along in a wagon to the dining hall, aka the barn, we were set upon by bad guys.

Real. Bad. Guys.

And they took me {when they politely asked for a volunteer.} I offered to be taken because no one else was owning up to being they lady they were seeking…

And who wouldn’t want to ride on a horse? I know all about horses and have no fear. {To verify, feel free to read the ABOUT GINA page.}

All propriety was tossed to the wind in that moment.

Cowboy, take me away!

Later, as we gathered in the barns to eat, I quickly weaseled my small body towards the front. If only I had know to sit one table over, we would have been eating with Marcia. But no worries. We were one of the first ones to get special one on one time with her. *insert  sighs of delight*

She plunked right on down, right next to me!  And jabbered away, like a Mocking Jay!  She was fabulous!

And the best part?

She knew who I was!

No kidding.

When I said, “I know you don’t know me, but I know you….” She instantly asked for my name.

Gina Larsen.

“Gina Larsen!!! Of course I know you!”


“Yes, you submitted Cassidy Shea!”

It’s true, I submitted Emily Blunt for her Character Bio pictures, and she loved it and used it. Score one for me for being memorable.

Watch the hand, dear sweet husband of Marcia’s.

Seriously, she is the HAPPIEST. AUTHOR. EVER.

My friends were being silly pansies, using me to get access to everyone they wanted to meet, ie.Kevin-Marcia’s husband- Trent and Mitch-her sons….even Marcia. They know me well enough to know I’ll do whatever it takes and have no shy bones. And can be a little scandalous. (Just wait. you’ll see what I mean.) Still I adore my girlfriends and did my best to ruffle their feathers, because it was so easy to do.

When it came near time to do the book signing, I felt out of place, since I didn’t have a book for her to sign. I hate it when book buying budgets are depleted. So, I didn’t buy one.  I know, I know….what if I never meet her again?  Would I regret my moment to have her sign my book?

Heck no!

See, I don’t know if she realizes it, but someday she and I are going to be real, REAL friends.  Someday when I finish my book, I will share it with her.  So, I’m not worried.

There will be a next time.  And until then, I did the next best thing to having her John Hancock.

I got her husband’s.

You got that right.

And unless you are a Marcia fan, you might not get it.

At. All.

If. Ever.

And that’s okay.  It was so funny!

This is the part I said to wait for. Yes, he’s signing ME. But you can barely call that a chest, since it’s more my neck. And he did it with a smile on his face, while laughing.

Score another one for me being memorable, I guess.

It was not just a book signing. It was a show, full of entertainment.  A complete reenactment of one of Marcia’s books. Truly, non-fans and husbands would have enjoyed it.  It was beautiful weather, and just as we were finishing, and all the NON-VIP people were getting to the table for her signature, the weather turned bad. Poor souls.

Some of those guests waited for hours while the rest of us were inside eating with Marcia and watching her sweetheart Kevin attack her as a masked bandit and then innocent bystanders as the show went on.

See the bad guy hiding up there? The costumes were awesome!

See all those poor souls waiting in line?

Did I mention, they did a reenactment of one of her books? Real gun smoke, fake blood, steamy kisses…one guy even fell off his horse for reals!  It was hilarious, but so fun too!

Did I mention it was fun?

I need a better word for it. But I think you get it.

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