I’m getting all excited about attending this conference a second time. I feel like I missed out so much last year, because I didn’t stay at the hotel.

Not this year.

And I have more friends than I did last year for sure! In truth, I went alone last time. Not a single friend. This year, I feel more than excited about it because of the friends I have made online and in real life.

I have signed up to do the Publication Primer day class on Thursday, and am nervous about it, but also excited to see how my query letter was received. I’ll be sure to arm myself with a good attitude and consideration in order to handle the flying arrows of doubt that will come with it.

But my skin is thicker and I have hope in myself that I can take my story up a notch.

A year ago at this time, saying you wrote New Adult was unheard of, at least to me.  Now, it’s starting to spread and has picked up rapid speed and popularity, so I’m not feeling like a fish out of water anymore.

That’s gotta count for something.

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