Naming a Character

This cracks me up.  I have a character named Tennley, and that name didn’t go over well with a few people, but that’s okay with me.  Because when Jocelyn came home from school with her Valentines, I found this:

Clearly, in SE Idaho, this name DOES work.

*It should be noted that SE Idaho, especially Rexburg, and Mormons in general, have a bad reputation for naming their kids HORRIBLE names.  I’m not kidding.  And while you might be thinking I’m lying or being mean, there is some truth to it.  I’ve watched YouTube videos and read blog posts and new paper articles on this very subject.  All to which have creditable sources on baby names.

With that said, naming characters is hard and fun, and kind of like naming children you’ll never have.  There are reasons behind the names I choose.  And while some people may hate the names I choose, I don’t care.  It’s the same for naming babies.  I’m the mom. It’s my right to choose their name.  And while I hope that what I select isn’t going to be a life-long problem for them, it might be.  But not intentionally.

I don’t think all mother’s feel that way though.  I’ve heard some names that made me think bad thoughts about that woman being allowed to be a mother…..

Anyway, silly, but I’m not changing Tennley’s name.  Maybe when they re-read it someday, Tennley won’t seem so horrible next to Luvena.

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