New Year, New Day, A New Me

You know this Michael Buble song?  Well, it’s a favorite of mine. And it always seems to come around in my mind at this time of year. Do you have a song that resurfaces at the turn of a new year?

One of my silly New Year’s Resolutions has nothing to do with writing a book.

No, this one is all about Facebookthetimesuckerupper.

Yesterday, throughout the day,  I wrote down 3 ‘status updates’ I thought about posting, on a piece of paper instead of on Facebook. I decided to test myself. Instead of updating my ‘status’ yesterday at all, I chose to save those thoughts.  Looking at them today- scribbly as they are- they’re not of any value to anyone except me. Thank goodness I saved myself some embarrassment, right?

And so my new year’s resolution of silliness, is this: I plan to blog them instead.  In short, instead of ”updating anything” I plan to blog whatever it is that I want to shout out at the world, because the only one really listening to me, besides God, is me.

But not on here.  On my private, personal blog where my the good thoughts I do have, will be saved for another day, another generation to view.

Thought I might be dreaming that my kids would ever care to read what their mother had to say…..

In truth, I am not leaving facebookthetimesuckerupper.  Because it’s a special place where I can like the world, reconnect with friends I don’t remember and share photos that are fake and photoshopped…..

No, I’m not leaving Facebook.  It’s also where I can talk to my family who lives far away, support and help my closest friends through our private group, and where I message the mothers of The Wreckers, my son’s little basketball team that I am coaching.

Yes, this year is bound to be great.  I can feel it! Now, I’m off to watch YouTube videos….

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