The Blurb

UPDATE: April 17, 2013.  This is no longer my blurb at all. But I won’t delete the post just because my first version of my blurb doesn’t work.  Oh no, we’ll let it ride the internet wave forever, I guess.

The Blurb.  Also known as the “Book’s Description or “Book Summary” can be found on the back of the book’s jacket or on the flap on the inside.

Mine is a work in progress.  

And when people ask me, “What’s your book about?” my mind craves to recite the blurb, but instead my mouth goes dry, my heart races and I feel a tightness in my chest, while I stare back at them in silence.

I am not good at condensing my thoughts down or narrowing out what’s most important on the spot like that. So being able to quickly recite the “Blurb” or “Book’s Description” from the back of the jacket would be ideal, in my opinion, but I haven’t really had one.

The following is part of what I first wrote when I designed my website, and the book’s page.  It still rings 98% accurate and true to my story’s plot, so it must be the best description thus far, as it’s etched in my heart as such.

So this is it.  The few words that I’ve penned and re-thought and edited about as many times as I’ve been asked about my novel. 

Maybe I should work at memorizing them…. 

Most people either don’t know or ignore the truth about Cupid. Vindictive, cruel and jealous, he has been leading humanity down the path of meager infatuation and lust.  Lacking power to truly match lovers, Cupid, also known as Eros, enjoys destroying love at any cost.

His human lover, Psyche, becomes an unforeseen catalyst, when she  gives birth to his son, who has the power to truly match lovers. The war between Love and Lust erupts when Eros discovers his son’s gift.

Hundreds of years later, with society saturated in sexuality, Lenox Landon discovers his family tie to the Greek god Eros, and is thrusted into the war between Love and Lust. Determination to reclaim his fallen brother will test his own convictions and may cost him the heart of the only girl to see past his good looks.

3 thoughts on “The Blurb

  1. I really think the little tweaks you did made it better. I think it's strong, it has intrigued me from the beginning stages (this blurb). I can't wait to read the whole actual book someday so I can really tell you if this blurb does it justice!


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