101 Thousand Plus Words Later

If I were the “let’s-get-sloshed-I’m-so-happy” kind, I’d be buying rounds for everyone.

Today, September 14th, 2012,I finished my first draft manuscript.

It’s painfully raw, and needs so much polishing and editing. But it’s done.

I know I want to rewrite the beginning.  And I know just where to start.

I know I want to add a small scene in the middle of the middle to show recommittment to the goal for Lenox. Plus, it’s Valentines!

And an Epilogue.

So, let’s pretend for a moment.  I’m buyin’.

One thought on “101 Thousand Plus Words Later

  1. That's pretty cool! I can't believe its been that long since you started the Book. It will be so cool to read I know it and will be bought and autographed of course, and added to my most favorite authors.


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