The Help has ARRIVED!

I’ve been waiting for this baby since April!  AND it’s finally here!  Two days after it was projected to arrive on my door step!  I’ll take it, even if FedEx was tardy.

Martha’s been such an inspiration, and I’ve learned so much from her!  My plot planner is covered in post it notes, and it’s nearly finished, to some degree.  In a few short weeks, after all the fun in the summer sun I can get, I’ll be sitting down to the computer and getting deadly serious about finishing my first manuscript.

And now, I have this sweet baby to help me along the way!

I’ve been reading the Plot Whisperer in the sun, and  trying to get through it when I can and it’s hard.  It’s great help, but it’s also homework and text book-like.  So it’s not like it’s boring, but it’s not necessarily gripping with a star-studded cast.  The cast is me and my characters and our journey to a finished story.  Which is work. 

I’m loving it.

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