Selling Lemonade

My kids have been begging me to let them “Sell, SOMETHING, MOM!”
I thought it would be clever to sell something other than lemonade. You know, up their chances of making a few pennies.
Now I just know that other moms are smarter than me.
Taking an idea and running with it, left me outside four four hours, painting kid’s faces– some who paid and others who just got away with it because….
I thought I’d mow the lawn and work out side, and take breaks as needed, to paint faces.
As if.
I was swamped.
And I was doing pretty good, until one kid asked for
Lightening McQueen.
And after I scoffed at my lack of skills, he changed his mind for an ANGRY BIRD.
Oh boy.
But it was so fun, and I am so glad I spent the day outside with the kids.  It was the most perfect weather, and not a breeze to be felt.
And even if they only made $4 (after expenses) the kids had a great time, begging to do it again “tomorrow.”
Yeah, Lemonade is sounding pretty good right now.
Takes less of MY time.
But knowing me, you guessed it.  
I’ll not be giving them lemonade to sell.
Oh no.
Next comes a bigger, more profitable plan.
Which will take some time on my part, but hey, they’re worth it.
I love letting my kids enjoy summer, they way a kid should.

That would be 50 Cents.  Forgot to add that part.  Oh well.  Most people figured it out!

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