Writers Conference: LOSER

I’m not kidding when I say I never win stuff.
It’s always the person sitting NEXT to me.
All you have to do is sit right next to me, and you’ll win if there is any kind of door prize, raffle, or drawing.  For years, Dana and I would go to these scrap-booking getaways, and they would give stuff away like crazy, and she knew she’d win, simply because she was WITH ME and SITTING NEXT TO ME.
I do not exaggerate.  Not this time.
Well you already know that I DID NOT win the Nook.
*sniffle, sniffle, silent tear*
But would you like to know the rest of the story?

Of course you would.

I specifically told Destiny that her odds of winning were significantly higher. {Now that I think about it, I should have made her buy my tickets, place them all the in the bag for the Nook, and then when she won it, paid her for the tickets and taken the Nook.}

Anyway, she just laughed at me.

Oh, Destiny, why are ye of such little faith?
Little did she know.
Well, at this point, you’re wanting to know if she won.  Aren’t you? 
Not only did SHE WIN, but within minutes of her winning a Pamper Yourself Basket, the sweet lady on my left ALSO WON.

Would it kill the the Gods of Chance to give me a break, once in a while?

Taken MOMENTS before the raffle started.  No joke.
Ten minutes later.
I feel bad, because this sweet gal blink in all three shots that we took.
My whole table thought it was pretty funny, however.
Glad I was there for their added entertainment.
And YES, I really had chicken for dinner.

3 thoughts on “Writers Conference: LOSER

  1. gina is on a blogging SPREE!! Love it!

    p.s. Thanks for helping me win. Next time I enter into something, I will make sure you bring you with me!


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