Writers Conference: The Weirdos

And by WEIRDOS, I mean me.  
And since Destiny was my sidekick, 
and because I HAVE PROOF of her crazy, she’s also weird.
Here’s a run down of who the NORMAL people are.
The most darling 16 year old writer and her sweet “Sister” Elise and Stacey. Elise was my first DDC friend.
Stacey was the second friend I made there and in charge of a lot of things at the conference.

And the WEIRDOS appears.

This is Tom Leveen, Author of ZERO and PARTY and he was a Guest Speaker for the conference attendees on Friday night.  He was AWESOME and his sense of humor? The stuff STAND UP COMEDY is made of.

Afterwords, we had to say hello.
Guide to Photos:

1. I’m WEIRD.
3. Now Destiny discovers she’s with two WEIRDOS.
4. I’m a bit less WEIRD, but they were super WEIRD.

The following include myself acting WEIRD, yet again with new friends from the Conference.  Remember SUSAN ThetheifoftheNOOK?  Well, see we are friends!  And this is Chris, who has a children’s chapter book he’s trying to publish.  It would be right up Catelyn and Landon’s alley. I hope he gets picked up! And Author Beth Andrews and Monique, another wouldkilltobepublished writer.

 Like I said, I’m the WEIRDOS. 

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