Gina’s Glitter Toes


Available in the Southeast Idaho area.

PRICING: One set of Glitter Toes, $20
Use the CONTACT ME page to email me if you’d like a set.
Can I Give It As A Gift?
You bet! I have gift certificates you can purchase,
that are good for up to one year.
How Long Do Glitter Toes Last?
About a month! Really? Yes! How Many Colors Do You Have?
A plethora! If you need a specific color, just check with me.
What Exactly Are Glitter Toes?
Maybe you’ve heard them called Rock Star nails, but basically they’re a gel based polish, which harden only under a UV lamp. I put down a base coat, sprinkle real glitter all over the place and bake them. Repeat. And then finish off with a gloss top coat and bake again. the whole process takes 10-20 minutes. Walk away with NO SMUDGING at all.
This HOBBY started out when…My sister and I looked into them, hoping to do them for a girls’ weekend and found that it was something (with my beauty school drop-out knowledge) that I could learn to do. So we did it. And we, along with my three little girls, love our Glitter Toes!I want to share this little hobby of mine with you! If you want to have a set, and don’t mind that my home isn’t a spa, then schedule an appointment today! Contact me if you have questions! What a fun way to surprise a friend or sister or momma, or your little angel!

I wouldn’t recommend them on fingers, but we had to try them. Go for regular Gel Nails, if you want a longer lasting look!


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