How 2018 Ended

My goodness! Back in 2018ish, I neglect my neglected blog for a while and then when I was ready to write something fun and exciting, I found myself logged out and couldn't get back in and after generating a new password and reseting my compter and trying a differet browser, etc. etc., it still refused … Continue reading How 2018 Ended


One J2 Sandwhich Coming Right Up

So, it happened. Remember the deal Lisa made me? I finish drafting SON OF PSYCHE and she'd pay for a J2 Photo Op at the Las Vegas SUPERNATURAL CONVENTION? Well, I did my part, (Finished it Decemeber 31, 2017) and so did she. (We hit the Con in Feb. 2018.) And in this post, I'm … Continue reading One J2 Sandwhich Coming Right Up


I've been meaning to write this story for months, but I think the reason I didn't was because it needed privacy, and time to progress, percolate, and permeate through me until it grew from one small stone into an incredible, inverted pyramid. It started out as a feeling, which then grew into a single thought. … Continue reading ASK LISA